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About us

Benecykl has been developing, manufacturing and selling strollers since 1999. Our products include strollers for popular outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, jogging and in-line skating, as well as pushchairs and wheelchairs for children and adolescents with disabilities. All our strollers and cycling trailers are characterized by easy handling, lightweight construction and a high level of safety.

We have transferred long-term knowledge gained from the development of products for handicapped children and athletes to the production of pushchairs for everyday use. Our Kozlik strollers combine maximum safety with an emphasis on elements supporting the healthy development of the child, easy manipulation allowing immediate use and durable construction facilitating movement in any terrain. Our Kozlík Baby stroller was awarded ‘Best Czech Product’ in the Bike Brno Prestige 2009 competition.

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Behind the creation of Benecykl strollers is a story, the kind that life unfortunately brings. The inventor and designer is Mr. Lubomír Krejčí, founder of the company. He is a person who ended up in a wheelchair due to an accident at a very young age. He knows how different life is with and without disabilities. After the accident, he tried to return to active life as soon as possible. Common aids did not suit him, so he decided to design them himself. First was the Kozoroh handbike, after which he decided to transfer his knowledge to the design of prams, initially for small children, but later, at the request of parents of handicapped children, even for the larger ones. This was the inception of firstly the Kozlik Baby, followed by the Kozlik Junior and, as the children grew up, finally the Kozlik Max.

Benecykl is not just a company – our employees include some with disabilities, parents of children in wheelchairs, and we cooperate with many charities. Benecykl is with you!

Mgr. Lubomír Krejčí

Founder of Benecykl s.r.o.


Special sport strollers:

Technical specifications

Design: tubular frame made of aluminum alloy

Weight: 13.5 kg

Height including wheels: 105 cm

Track width: 78 cm

Load capacity: 40 kg

Positioning: yes

Removable cover: yes

Height of back: 65 cm

Seat length: 22 cm

Overall length for legs: 55 cm

Seat width at bottom: 31 cm

Seat width at shoulder area: 38 cm

Width: 58 cm

Length: 114 cm

Height: 66 cm

Design: tubular frame made of aluminum alloy

Weight: 16.5 kg

Height including wheels: 120 cm

Track width: 78 cm

Load capacity: 60 kg

Positioning: yes

Removable cover: yes

Height of back: 70 cm

Seat length: 40 cm

Overall length for legs: 80 cm

Seat width at bottom: 33 cm

Seat width at shoulder area: 38 cm

Width: 62 cm

Length: 136 cm

Height: 71 cm

Design: tubular frame made of aluminum alloy

Weight: 18.5 kg

Height including wheels: 120 cm

Track width: 78 cm

Load capacity: 75 kg

Positioning: yes

Removable cover: yes

Height of back: 90 cm

Seat length: 40 cm

Overall length for legs: 100 cm

Seat width at bottom: 33 cm

Seat width at shoulder area: 40 cm

Width: 62 cm

Length: 158 cm

Height: 85 cm



Age 0-4 years

Height up to 100 cm

Load capacity up to 40 kg

Age 4-10 years

Height up to 140 cm

Load capacity up to 60 kg


Age 10+ years

Height up to 180 cm

Load capacity up to 75 kg

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Key features


Solid construction

Stable construction allows use even in difficult terrain while maintaining the comfort of the occupant.


Inclined wheel suspension

As with sports cars, the cambered wheels ensure safe handling over uneven terrain and stones. The stroller will not overturn.


Easy positioning

Thanks to the unique front axle system, it is possible to change the position of the whole stroller, not just the back or legs. If the passenger falls asleep, there is no risk of waking them up when the armrest is folded down. It is very easy to change from a sitting to a reclined position.


Wide range of accessories

It is possible to choose accessories for your stroller exactly according to your needs – from wheel covers, transport or winter bags to padding or chest fixation.

All accessories can be found here:



Pavla Grycová


We use the Benecykl stroller frequently, we have twins, so it is always occupied 🙂 We live by the forest and we would not get anywhere with a wheelchair. The stroller is solid and can withstand our harsh treatment. I like the fact that it does not need any complicated maintenance - just wash it once a year, dry in the sun and it is ready for the next season.

Running with those that can't


Benecykl is our permanent, long-term and fundamental partner. The cooperation has been gradually developing from the first steps and today we can boast a long series of successful races that we have taken together, and a large group of families to whom we were able to provide this great product through our sponsors.

Lenka Tůmová


We thank Benecykl for a great stroller. We started with Esther on the Baby size, then Junior came and now we have the biggest stroller. She feels comfortable in it and I am glad that she is quiet at least for a while.

Bc. Michaela Mlčáková

Head of Physiotherapy, Janské Spa

Benecykl strollers are available to our clients for walks during their spa stay and they are very satisfied with them. The surrounding natural environment of our spa is very suited to the stroller.


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